A letter from faraway - breath-taking modern art exhibition (23–26.04.2009)
2009-04-16 23:45:06

A letter from faraway - breath-taking modern art exhibition

during the Polish Cultural Festival (23–26.04.2009)


The Polish Art Scotland invites everybody to the thirlling Modern Art Exhibition organised for the Polish Cultural Festival in Edinburgh.

The exhibition will present oil paintings on canvas created by the top modern young artists from Poland. Maja Muciek, Michał Jankowski, Seweryn Swacha, Rafał Wilk, Jarek Jeschke and Stefan Hańckowiak are Fine Art graduates from the Zielona Góra University. Despite deciding not to leave Poland, emigration affects them indirectly, as many of their friends and family members have emigrated. Their work is a letter from far away, written to those that are absent. Exhibition organised by Polish Art Scotland is curated by Mateusz Jarza and Wojciech Kozlowski.

Other people about the exhibition:

Magda Komborska:

'Yet another collective exhibition of the permanent Zielona Góra team launches a new dialogue in the domain of intercultural and social events. This time the common project exceeds the issue of mass information.
This concerns especially countering the photochemical images that feed the anamnesis – recalling facts and people that are gone in the past and refusing the anaesthetisation – the lack of reactions being the result of cold media influence.
The group of artists who create camp, super flat and, first of all, interactive painting glorify and refer to sensuality. Emotions and senses are the reason and the medium of their actions, meetings, common exhibitions. In an original and revealing way those artists penetrate internal space of communication, which is the basis of the system of natural connection and communication. This idea is accentuated with common creative exhibition initiative. They build what seems to be one message that stays out of uniform media information network and crosses the barrier of common social schemes. Criticizing the synthetic electronic reality they create art in places distant one to another in order to seek common dialogue outside the boundaries of their own country an to direct that dialogue to a new milieu. Thus, they perform a revision, an internal artistic analysis. The art becomes a pretext and the source of the message. Their paintings are icons/emoticons, a natural information in mass society of sociotypes. The artists stress the importance of common everyday relations. They confirm the thesis of Anthony Giddens who says that when people find themselves in the same place and time it is in their nature to communicate with each other. They confirm the fact of attachment of a person to the message and its necessity even in the remote form. The convincing, active painting of those young artists generates the idea of a painting as icon/emoticon of vivid, natural information.'


One of the curators of the exhibition - Wojciech Kozlowski:

'Emigration, temporary, permanent, planned or accidental, out of curiosity or because it is necessary it remains a constant element of Polish fate. It is present in and outside the motherland in many ways, seemingly blessed, yet still unclear. Complications itz causes are somehow compensated by the benefits. The borders hardly exist anymore, and if they do, they only run through people’s minds. Why is it that for some of us the decision to leave is easy to make and the others never give it a consideration?
Is it the attachment to the language or the “hard” patriotism? Fear or calculation?
Probably there are no rules, just variants of some basic situations.
Maja Muciek, Michał Jankowski, Seweryn Swacha and Rafał Wilk have graduated from the Department of Art at Zielona Góra University. They did not leave, though there was nothing that would prevent them from doing so. They paint, they have been recognized as interesting artists. They have their relatives, acquaintances and friends who have lived abroad for a long time. They meet them sometimes there, sometimes here. They want to tell us what this situation represents for them. It can be interesting or tiresome. Good-Bad. Important. Intriguing and inspiring. The separation, though long non-definitive, still remains the absence. Their artwork is a letter from faraway written to those that are absent.'











      Michał Jankowski              Maja Muciek                    Rafał Wilk







       Jarek Jeschke                  Seweryn Swacha            Stefan Hańckowiak


When: 23 – 26 April 2009
             1.00 pm – 6.00 pm
Where: The Roxy Art House (Tower)
2 Roxburgh Place, EH8 8EB
Price: Free event
Opening Celebration: 22 April at 7.00 pm

For more info about these event please download the catalouge here