European Rock Music Festival ‘ROCK BY NIGHT 2009’ (20.03.2009)
2009-03-11 07:55:56

European Rock Music Festival ‘ROCK BY NIGHT 2009’

Here we are again with another concert “Rock by Night”. There will other bands competing for the semi final prize to go to Poland for the final and win the performance at the Woodstock Festival. We will have three bands this time. There will be also a special guest – Scottish rock stars – Missing Cats. At the concert besides good music we won't miss the audio visual effects. VJ Robert Motyka will fill the venue with amazing colors and live video camera special effects.
The organizers have got another surprise – acoustic after part. Don’t miss out!!!
The audience will hear lots of very good bands just for as cheap as £4 in a really good atmosphere of the GRV Club.
The First Prize in this competition is a 5000 PLN + performance at the famous international rock music festival – Woodstock for over 300 thousand people in Poland.
In the UK, the contest component of the festival, organised by Polish Art Scotland will feature a series of rock concerts from February 2009 to May 2009.
The Rock Festival ‘Rock by Night’ has typically been a Polish event held in Zielona Gora, Poland. This year it has merged into the Transborder Rock Festival. The competition part of the festival will take place not only in Poland, but also in Germany, UK and in the Czech Republic.

From the very beginning the event has been aimed at promoting rock music in the media and supporting newcomers and young rock bands by creating a network for exchanging experiences. In recent years, almost 230 bands have played at the festival, among them: Closterkeller, Acid Drinkers, Moonlight, Alkatraz, Homo Twist, Sweet Noise, Quo Vadis and many more.
The contest will select the best UK entrant, who will then compete for the prizes.
The Grand Final will take place in Zielona Gora, Poland in June 2009.
The UK winner has their expenses (flights, food and accommodation) covered for the trip to the finals in Poland.
All the performances will be judged by a panel comprising of music journalists and professional musicians.
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Dark Past (Stirling)
An international explosion of hard rock and blues
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Basic Funk (Edinburgh)
Funky, rock and blues
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Salute Mary (Edinburgh)
Alternative rock
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Special guest:
Missing Cats (Edinburgh)
The Marmite of Psychedelic Blues…
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Friday the 20th March, from 7pm to 10pm
37 Guthrie Street


£4.00 on the door

This how it was during the last gig


Dark Past - Deceiver
Dark Past - Body on my Mind
Dark Past - Muddy Water
Basic Funk - Bird's funk
Basic Funk - Crazy moment
Basic Funk - Flying head
Basic Funk - Hear my voice
Salute Mary - Blood on our hands
Salute Mary - Cellophane wrapped orchids
Missing Cats - Were Walkin
Missing Cats - Words of The Birds