Stefan Hanckowiak

In his intensely colorist paintings like „Chiquita”,”You must be the
change”, „Smells like teen spirit” Stefan Hańckowiak tells his own painting
story-animation. The main characters of that story are Bombel and
Glizda (Bubble and Worm). Says the artist himself: “Those characters
wear t-shirts that are too short, shorts and sneakers because the world
they live in is always filled with sunrays (...)”. Hańckowiak paints in childlike
manner. He responds to the bounds with children created by media
who make the child disappear from the eyesight. You don’t come back
early from the playground that child has left for...
The artist uses child’s gesture, drawing, graffiti/illustration stile in order
to move the positive, energetic state of happiness, the state of real
sensual experience.
born in 1980. Son of a Scottish mother and Polish father.
Received third prize in a prestigious Polish art competition Bielska Jesien 2007 for two paintings:
Love and Hate, In Search of Happiness
Most important art exibitions:

2005, - “ZBK vs STJOPA”, Viakunst and Squater Vitrine, Rotterdam (ind.)
2006, - “U Jadüki”, Zielona GÛra (ind.)
2007, - PGR ART, GdaÒsk
- “Bielska JesieÒ”, Galeria BielskaBWA ( III prize), Bielsko-Bia≥a
2008, - Ba≥tycka Galeria Sztuki WspÛ≥czesnej, (Rybie Oko) S≥upsk
- Browar MieszczaÒski (Podwodny Wroc≥aw)
- Galeria “MM”, (Animalis), ChorzÛw
2009 - Galeria Studio, Warszawa