Seweryn Swacha

n his instinctive and dynamic paintings Seweryn Swacha realises personal
contextualization of the popular notion of production,
…- Sir, I have quite good connections, I wake up in the morning – quarter
to three, it is already clear in summer, at quarter to three I am already
shaved because I shaved in the evening, I have my breakfast for supper,
so I just get up and leave
- You do put on your clothes...
- I put on my coat if it rains, should I bother to take off my clothes after
- ...true...
- I have to walk five kilometres to bus station, the bus leaves at quarter
to four
- Can you make it?
- No, but it’s fine anyway – the bus is too crowded and it doesn’t stop
-he eee
- I walk one stop to the dairy, it takes an hour, then they take me quickly
to Szymanowo, you see, milk is always transported quickly, otherwise it
curdles. In Szymanowo I get off, I take the cans, I catch EKD, at Ochota I take
electric tram to the stadium and then it’s all peanuts – I take 119, I change
to 13, then 345 ad I’m home, I mean at work and it’s quarter to seven, so
I still have a quarter, so I eat my lunch in the canteen so that I don’t have
to stay after the break to eat and I can go home directly and at 22.50 the
latest I’m back home, I shave, I eat breakfast and I go to sleep…
Co mi zrobisz jak mnie złapiesz (Catch me, if you can), Stanisław Bareja
(born in 1979 w Jeleniej Górze)
Studied Painting at Zielona Góra University Department of Art. Graduated in 2006 in prof. Ryszard Woźniak’s studio.

Selected exhibitions:
2009 Kto mnie słyszy? Nic nie widzę, Galeria Studio, Pałac Kultury i Nauki, Warszawa
2008 De immundi , Studio BWA , Wrocław
2007 Najpierw smutna , a potem płacze, kolonia artystów, Gdańsk; Idolatria, Galeria Klimy Boheńskiej, Warszawa; Piękni i bogaci, Galeria Artpol, Kraków; 17
mgnień wiosny, PGS Spot
2006 Czytaj polską fantastykę, Galeria Pies, Poznań
2005 Tęsknota za malarstwem, Galeria Pies, Poznań; Zoon politykon, Galeria Bałtycka, Słupsk
2002 Wystawa dla podróżnych, Dworzec PKP, Zielona Góra, exhibition under the patronage of BWA, Zielona Góra