Maja Muciek

What can I say about my paintings?
It is born of observation of both happy and sad situations in everyday
life. I look and listen quietly but carefully. I put various words and sentences
together in order to obtain specific answers for all those little
pieces of moments. I build mirages that I talk to on canvas. I answer, I
confirm, I explain. It is sort of my room, where I bring and keep everything
that I like. Sometimes it is something absurd, dirty, nasty, incomprehensible,
only kept by the fact of its existence. Sometimes it is clean,
sterile, with silent protest and attention paid to the technique. I see to
that it is always free, it is a moment’s caprice, an everlasting desire, a
longing that hurts when I cannot make it, an impulsive expression of
feelings that understands the cry, aggression, anger and all that the
we are provoked to do by thoughtless ways and depravity of the world
and human values; it is the shelter and .the void where everything is
clear and you don’t need to explain with a reason, it is the purification,
the understanding.
(born in 1981 in Zielona Góra)
Studied Painting at Zielona Góra University Department of Art. Graduated in 2005
in prof. Ryszard Woźniak’s studio.

Selected exhibitions:
2008 Kulturalna, Pałac Kultury, individual exhibition
I tyle chciałabym Ci powiedzieć, Warszawa
2007 PGR ART , collective exhibition Najpierw smutna potem płacze, Gdańsk
BWA, Triennale Polskiego Malarstwa Współczesnego , Rzeszów Galeria Umelcov Spisa, Triennale Polskiego Malarstwa Współczesnego- Jesienne Konfrontacje,
Muzeum Regionalne, Festiwal Młodej Sztuki, Bełchatów, Galeria Legnica, Promocje
2007/08 Legnica
2006 Zielona Góra , Galeria Winiarnia , graduation exhibition, Zielona Góra
2004 Pałac, WPA , collective exhibition, Duszniki Zdrój
2003 Galeria Młodych Kolejarz, individual exhibition 3 ,Zielona Góra
2002 Galeria Młodych Kolejarz, collective exhibition Wściekłe psy, Zielona Góra
2001 Dom Kultury, Gorzów Wielkopolski, collective exhibition