Igor Myszkiewicz

Igor Myszkiewicz was born 1974 in Zielona Góra where he graduated from the State High School of Art. In 1999 he got his Master's Degree in lithography at The Institute of Fine Art and Culture, a subsidiary of the (then) T. KotarbiƄski Teacher's Education School in Zielona Góra, at assistant professor's Stefan Ficner studio.
Presently employed at Lubusz Museum in Zielona Góra. His artistic field of interest spans over painting, drawing, illustrating books, infography and comics. He wrote, drawn and self-published many graphic novels (many of them set in his home city), including: Undertaker, Animal Dreams, Paradise, Witch, Ships, The Winter Templar, City of Wine, Son of a Dog, Vermin and Graal. Participant of many art exhibitions, group and individual. Co-founder and Grandmaster of Galeria Twórców Galera (Galley Gallery of Creators), an organization promoting young artists since 1997. Editor of TARTAK, AVE GALERA!, ANARION and PRZESTRÓJ. Co-founder of an artistic group Korpotacja Trylobit (Corporation Trilobite) as the Trilobite of the East. Since 2006 vice-chairman of Zielona Góra branch of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers.