Banksy in Polish Museum?

Due to the immigration of many people from Poland into Britain, Polish art is becoming a part of British culture. However, what influence has Britain had on Polish art back in Poland? There is one example, that was reported back at the beginning of 2012. On 4th January, BBC News reported that an art student had hung his own painting in a museum in Poland, after being inspired by England-based street artist Banksy. In 2005, Banksy did a similar thing in New York, hanging his artworks up at several galleries himself. The young, unknown artist Andrzej Sobiepan took inspiration from these actions and hung one of his own works in the National Museum in Poland.

His white and green portrait, which portrays a drooping acacia leaf by partly using swine leather, hung in the museum on display for three days before it was noticed. He will no doubt be very pleased that an artwork that would otherwise have hung in his house, for him and his family to see after eating dinner or relaxing over a game of partypoker PL has now been displayed in a museum. The work is now hanging inside the café at the museum, so even though it has been removed from the main exhibition space, visitors still have the chance to view it.

Sobiepan decided to hang his artwork in the museum because he did not want to have to wait 30 or 40 years to see it somewhere like that. In order to be able to see it in a museum here and now, this was his only option and he wanted the benefit immediately. He has said that he hopes this will encourage galleries and museums to give young artists more opportunities to have their works hung on their walls.