St Andrew's Day in the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh (30.11.2008) - photo essay

Photo essay - St Andrew's Day in the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh 2008


Last year's party was such a great success that the organisers came up with the idea to make it a periodical art event.
The program was full with attractions mainly: the exhibition of best work arts, traditional Polish fortune-telling, jazz recital, Djs sets, concert of Foxgang group, which is famous of its participation in Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity last year, traditional Polish food tasting.



7.30 pm
The opening of DigArt's photography and illustration exhibition
Ad Hoc Cabaret - informal group established spontaneously by hypochondriacs being under suspicions of borderline disturbance. Among the performers there are: G.J. Rybak - poet, J.E. Jarzymowska - poet and satirist and M. Pocwiardowski - visual artist.

ELA MASIAK - vocalist, pianist, composer. Graduated from the Krakow School of Jazz and Contemporary Music. Awarded in Polish and international jazz competitions. During her recital at the Traverse Theatre she  presented energising interpretations of world and Polish jazz classics. For more information visit

Foxgang- the group established in Krakow in 2005. Among the group there are: 1 British, one American and two Polish. It is worth mentioning that most of them can speak or understand Polish language. The band plays the mixture of British rock, indie, ska, punk and reggae.
According to The London Particular magazine - 'Foxgang in the current saturated climate, hold a space all of their own. Led by Frontman Denton's deft lyrics this punchy four piece lift audience with their outstanding melodies, whilst sending your feet sliding across the floor. If you seek energetic, pulsating percussive pop with actual sentiment then look no further.'
For more information visit

Traditional Polish Fortune-telling, which was telling something about the future.
A well-established Polish tradition is the celebration of Andrzejki (St Andrew's Day) - the last festive day before Advent, with fortune-telling to check what the new year will bring. The best-known method is by pouring hot wax into cold water and "reading" its shapes. It is a very mysterious evening - people, especially young girls, pour hot, melted wax into a bowl of cold water, and a received shape of the congealed wax tells them their future. Other fortune-telling games were played as well.

Dj Lapka and Dj Matei presented balkan beats, funk, ska, reggae, latin and much more.

Lottery - the lots were to be drawn for prizes such as: coupons for shopping in the Polish shops, dinners for two in Polish restaurants etc.







































































Photos: Jaromir Gąsiorek, Michał Poćwiardowski, Marcin Szpakowski, rgasiore