St Andrew's Day in the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh (30.11.2007)

The St Andrew’s Day celebrations, organised on Friday 30th of November 2007 were a huge success, and have lived long in the memory of all who attended. Organizers and artists, as well as guests all contributed to the great atmosphere that was in abundance in true St Andrew’s Day tradition. The event was organised by Polish Art Scotland and supported by the Polish Consulate in Edinburgh.












Guests had the chance to view an exhibition entitled ‘Inspiration’, composed of photographs and illustrations created by young polish artists. These fantastic works were created by using modern graphical techniques. Each work was individualistic although the watchful exhibition goer could notice one common element prevalent throughout the works; an air of the unreal; a magic and dream-like atmosphere. Each one of the works demanded a closer look from the viewer. From December 5th till 20th December the exhibition was available to view in the Secret Arcade Club at Cockburn Street. This was also the venue in which Dj Lapy and Dj Matei played their chill out rhythms.

The party got underway with Christopher’s concert titled ‘Everything is poetry’. His guitar and singing poetry performance gently induced spectators into a sentimental tone with many of the numbers being recognized by the audience. Although the titles of the songs were generally unknown, the music itself did much to remind the audience of past times in Poland...






The next part of the programme was a performance from the group Ardente. Purveyors of modern electronic sounds, the group incorporate various exotic instruments into their performances. Their music combines ‘opposite’ elements of folklore and modernism.
Meantime the guests could also try the polish traditional and not only meals prepared by the chef Michal Baczek awarded in competition of Oldpolish cookery in Poland. The meals included borsh, and according to the chef it was modern Polish cookery far away from stereotypes of pancakes and sauer craut.













St Andrew’s day could not happen without fairies’ fortune telling, a spectacle that attracted long queues. This was enjoyed in abundance, especially by British audience members previously unaware of this Polish tradition.

The last part of the event was a series of live sets from the DJ’s. After the audience had taken their fill of food and art they were ready for some Friday night clubbing. Almost immediately guests started leaving their tables and dancing. The music continued all night and just before the end some of the guests started to sign Polish traditional songs and there was dancing with the rhythms of ‘Hey Sokoly’ and ‘O moj rozmarynie’ (It is worthwhile mentioning that a similar situation had arisen in Glasgow during The place events). Even when the guests had to leave the club the party atmosphere did not subside and the concert was continued outside the building to the accompaniment of Christophers’ guitar and energetic claps and patters.
Certainly the success of this event was due in part to a large number of British people embracing and enjoying some components of Polish culture, evident throughout the paintings, music, food, and folklore customs.













Artists involved in ‘Inspirations’ exhibition included:
• Michał Karcz
• Oktawian Domagała
• Jowita Szmigiero
• Natalia Bieganowska
• Mateusz Jarża
• Agnieszka Śliżewska

And Dj’s:
• Dj Pacman, Dj Joy
• Dj Simon The Sorcerer
• Dj Matei

Photos: Jaromir Gąsiorek

Translation: Magdalena Tworuś