Polish Art Scotland „We are working” – closing event(29.06.2007)

Between 22nd and 29th of June, examples of works by Polish artists living, working and creating in Scotland, were displayed in the Spiral Club.





Between 22nd and 29th of June, examples of works by Polish artists living, working and creating in Scotland, were displayed in the Spiral Club. The exhibition called ‘We are working; New Polish Art, Architechture & Design Scotland’, organised by the PolishArt Scotland presented a wide range of paints and litography as well as photohraphy, sculptures, posters and some architectonical projects. The artists are young people trying to make an impression on the lucrative Scottish market.

There were a few debutants taking part in the exhibition including its organisers. Gemma Bentley and Nathaniel Clark are both graduates of arts’ schools, whose interests in Eastern European art pushed them to organise Polish artists exposition. The project was advertised on a Polish-Scottish portal, and generated a high rate of response with over 100 candidates providing their works to participate in the competition. The criteria set by judges ensured that entrants were judged on both the artistic quality and professionalism of works. Finally, over 20 artists were chosen and they presented their works in Spiral Club. Despite the limited space which was available for this project, the organisers successfully managed to use it up (the only work they could not display was Arek Kozak’s oil painting showing a boat full of immigrants seeking a place for themselves). This just goes to show that you don't need huge spaces or auditoriums to create successful art events. Not everyone can afford to hire hotels Alton Towers or the SECC, but they can still make something that looks good and attract the right people - the movers and shakers. More space would come in useful for the architectonical projects of Piotr Lesniak as well as mature works of Piotr Piotrowski. There were many themes present that demonstrated typical struggles faced by Polish people elements; frustration and inferiority due to inveterate social schemes. This was an inherent part of many works such as Adam by Dorota Zakrzewska, Universal Uniform for a Polish Worker by Martyna Dargiewicz or photo features of Mateusz Noniewicz titled Extenants.

A special attention should be paid to nostalgic litographies of Basia Mroz, as well as poetical set of Dorota Gaszczak’s photographies being a result of Dorota’s interest in geometry and perspectivical play (indeed they were one of the most admired by audience and even bought by someone).

The vernissage was extremely successful, especially thanks to Aga Sowinska whose effort enabled this event to be accompanied by music of great Dj’s such as: dj Rayoo, dj Fucking Awesome, dj Prismat & Paranoise Optimal & Mc Yaan.
The special guest of the opening was Richard Demarco, patron of the PolishArt Scotland, whose sympathy toward Polish people and Polish art is commonly known across the community and beyond. Demarco, as an artist and advertiser of modern visual arts, was the person who in the 1970’s was promoting international art in Scotland by inviting prominent artists such as Stanisław Kantor, Marina Abramovic, and Joseph Beuys to exhibit in Scotland.

Another unusual person who visited the Spiral Club was Tomasz Borkowny, well known from the Dom series, and currently running an actors’ school in Edinburgh.
The exhibition was accompanied with the lectures carried by the Edinburgh universities’ tutors. These proved a somewhat less attractive distraction for the audience than the art works presented. Speeches provided invaluable information about the Pawlikowski’s films and murky cartoons figure Niewiadomski, created by Marcin Palmaka, whose works have been used in exposition’s promotional materials.
The next exhibition of Polish artists is planned for August. It will be bigger and more publicised and the hope is that it will represent an even higher level of art, attracting more visitors in the process.






    Renata Uznanska                       Piotr Piotrowski







   Marcin Grabowiecki                    Aleksandra Roch              Monika Piotrowska




    Basia Roszak                              hAnia Kasprowicz

Source: www.edinburgh.com.pl

Photos: Marcin Grabowiecki
Translation: Magdalena Tworuś